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май 25, 2011


Some pictures I have collected on my phone that have not been seen until now. My stills are not very good (the camera while 8Mpix is not that great on Xperia X10i).

I was in Pleven for the previous four days off ( the ones that are related to Easter celebration, for my great luck I am not religious so I just take the days off and go somewhere instead of spending the time in preparation for Christianity's insanity ).
On Sunday we went for a long hike  in Kaylaka, very beautiful place. I really like Varna, but their park ( near Pleven ) is much better than the Sea garden in Varna. However if you come from the shore lines be warned, the air is very very dry in the country, I have had big issue with my respiratory system. even with that it was a great experience.

Small green area near Mall Varna:
This was a few weeks ago, if you look at the right direction and you are deaf you can almost imagine you are in a nice place to live. Anyways just a few meters on the right there is a lot of traffic.

Seaside Observatory:
Last week I moved to my new place, some 400 meters from the sea garden in Varna. A walk in it is always pleasant at all time of the day or night. Still I would suggest you to start around the 'golden' hour and continue from there on until the sunset is complete. It is adorable.

Last one: the beach at 8AM this morning:
South beach at 8AM
It is still May, so there were almost no people on the beach at 8AM (of course there were some, there always are some, even in the winter), but the bars and bbqs around the beach are still closed so it is quiet and calm and you can just lay down on the sand, close your eyes and listen to the birds. I have not notices before but some birds are singing very complex melodies, I was surprised nicely by it. It will remind you of some classical compositions, which is not wonder, many classical melodies have been inspired by the nature. Note that at this time (today) it is still a bit cold on the beach at 8 AM, so you might want to stay with your clothes on. Or not, depending on how well you tolerate the cold wind. I took my clothes off but I felt cold almost all the time, up until I left around 9:20

Here is also a short video, this is a garden people living in a densely populated area made for themselves to enjoy the wonders of nature in the spring, it is really beautiful. An old woman approached me while I was making the video and said:

It is very beautiful, make a video and put it on the Internet.

So this is what I am doing. You can glance her in the video, for only a bit of a second.

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