Общо показвания

октомври 14, 2005

Old job, new job

Well, today i finally quit my old job at MonitoRR and yesterday i have been at the new office I am about to begin working the next Monday.

Not to tell every dirty detail about the problems I have had during the last week, my ex boss was really rude to me and honestly said I am disappointed by her behaviour. I'll not tell a secret if I say that in Bulgaria this is not an exception. And that I'll not get the money for the last two weeks I was working there. And of course this is a common practice in Bulgaria, too.

But I am not looking back, I am looking forward. I hope at the new place I'll have more chances to develop my skills in marketing and to become a head manager.

And I miss my Dejan. My mom came back without warning at Wednesday evening and I showed her a picture of Dejan, she said she doesn't like him. I was a bit disappointed, I hoped for her to like him, I like him. We'll see.