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февруари 25, 2006

Lots in one... or how can I be impressed by so many things at once

Wow, wonderful week!
First, the AI GL X project! Wow, it (will) works on my Intel 855GM video!!! Unlike the GLX project (developed by individuals working at Novell and two weeks ago released as an open source) it adds some new bits to the old X server and as far as the tiny short clips shows it works fine. Well, it's not really as impressive as this video, but still I'd be glad to use it on my desktop. Too bad it's not known to work with shaped windows ( not that I'm using lots of it - like xmms or mplayer GUIs ). It looks like I'll have to wait though to get in touch with those eye candies. GLX is not working yet with my graphics card and AIGLX is not available yet, not to mention it works with Fedora core 5 test 3 and above. The other bad news is AIGLX is not working with XVideo. Well this is BAD. Why? Because I like to watch movies and clips on my laptop! The Composite is also known to not work with XVideo/GL. So where's the difference and the advanced techniques Fedora team is trying to show us? As a note ( at the bottom by the way! ) it says :

Shaped windows and Xvideo are known to not work. Also, running other GL applications may cause flickering or other weird effects.

Well. I'll wait. Again. And again. Moments like this makes me regret I didn't go to college to study development and computer science!

So much for the linux deksktop. Next is the big movie disappointment: Underworld 2: Evolution. My God, isn't this movie BAD! I can't believe they did that to the original idea. I watched the first movie like 20 times and I'm still not sick of it. Unlike the second - I hated it from the first time and never watched it again. Hope this wont happen to Final destination 3! Or else the year for me will pass without a favourite movie for me.

The last thing I'd like to share: I hate my job. Marketing is NOT my thing. So I'm heading at the science path. Hope I'll find something appropriate soon or else I'll go crazy in this company. Isn't it strange how optimistic I went to work for this company and how soon I was disappointed? No matter how much I'm trying I cannot get used with the way they work. Or do not, depends on the point of view. So wish me good luck!

And by the way I'm ill and at home for the last two days. I hate the feeling! My mom says my immune system is not working properly because of the lack of sex. I'll have to check this out on the Internet. Maybe she's right...

my desktop

my desktop
Originally uploaded by pstj.
I'm amazed how people post screenshots of thier desktops all around. So I decided to do the same. Here it is - my desktop.

февруари 18, 2006

Desktop Beautyfication

Old school UNIX users still say this as a mantra: The real user doesn't need a GUI, all that matters is a powerful shell.
These days much more people use the free UNIX operating system plus all the free and open programs known to the world as 'Linux'.
God it was ugly! The old fashioned flat look, fewer colors, no 3D. The new race of Linux wanna-be-gurus shout here and there: It is network transparent, it is fast, it runs on every platform. Actually few people knew and understood the free implementation of the X11 environment. On of them being Keith Packard. Packard and 'friends' contributed new code to the tree and Fontconfig/Xft/Composite/Damage/Fixies were born. Meanwhile Nvidia and Ati started to support the kernel with proprietary drivers. Now days we are entering the new era on the free UNIX desktop experience. Too bad we are the last. Long road before us to catch up with Mac OS X but the right path is followed.
This video demonstrates what I am talking about. It still does the thing the hard way, using workarounds and hacks to do its job, but it is really impressive. As I look back at the screenshots of my Gnome 1.2 I really can't believe I liked it at the time. Now, I can't imagine using my notebook without the dropshadow windows, the exposé-like functionality, the animations... The bad news is we still don't have a working and easy to use video and audio conferencing app for the free desktop. I hope this will change in 2006 at last. For those of you guys and girls wanting to try out the Linux - now is the right time, when we have a modern display architecture, mature applications, progressive office environment, games (incl. 3D fps and so on) and the freedom.
The last thing I'd like to mention is the news of a new virus attacking mac OS on Intel platform... I do not know if it is the core duo long errata list or the rising popularity of mac OS X but the malicious force of the underground hackers is now pointing at the operating system I happen to like the most for almost a year... what Steve Jobs and Co. will do? Can't wait to see...It will be an interesting year indeed!