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ноември 02, 2006

Kiba beryl and macmenu

Well well well... here we go. Finally I managed to understand why kiba was not working - some stupid things happens with it's schema files, someone has to learn how to use gconf! After days of experimenting with the settings of beryl and kiba finally I got where I wanted to be, the perfect desktop (IMHO).
Here are some screen shots.
Pictures 1 and 2: Bean-up (windows create)

bean up

beam up

Pic 3: Burn (window close)


Pic 4: Magic lamp (window minimize/maximize)

magic lamp

Unfortunately there is no slowdown option for the animations in kiba-dock but basically I set the physics as follows:
Elasticity: 0,17
Friction: 1850
Inertia: 1,28
K (what is this?): 2,13
Throw gravity: 2,00
Gravity Multiplier: 840,00
Launchers type: dock
Mouseover effect pulse with zoom factor of 1.26 and exec pulse option set to on.
This results in icons not bouncing around like insane and still pretty good effects with good responsibility on user interaction. The icons slightly pulse on mouse over and the do not move on click, instead the on click a bigger pulse is emitted. I don't really like bouncing that much especially when I work.
So, the next thing is a big one.... getting to fedora core 6 with all the custom packages I use and.... the Drag and Drop functionality working with beryl in scale/show desktop mode.....

I hope for it I pray for it I can't wait !!!!