Общо показвания

януари 01, 2006

Happy new year!!!

Well, here we are, year 2006! There is something special about this year's party. I wasn't there. I spent 30 and 31 of December in the E.R. My cat was very ill. For the first time I realized that there are people working on that day. They couldn't really help my cat , it was catheterized and we had to buy dumpers for him and I prayed to God he'll be alright. Unfortunately it is too expensive to bring him everyday to the vet so I had to remove the catheter today by myself. He's hardly on drugs and we all hope he'll get better and we'll send him to the province when possible. The nurse said he'll be better there because he'll starve most of the time and it heals ... so it works for he animals also?

So I may say it was not a happy new year party. There was no party. But I'm still thankful it was not a tragedy. At the beginning of the new year I hope for few things, one I dream about: to manage to leave this country and go to Canada, to find a job I really like, ecologist or maybe a developer/computer scientist. I'm really inspired by the things going on the Computer science sector. Dreams... But first of all I cannot still take the courage to leave the country all alone. I'm still looking for that special someone who'll take this journey with me! So the first thing I hope for is to find the strength to face the real life by myself OR to find the one who will face it with me and next to me. I still don't know which one is better. Maybe I'll find it out this year! The good thing I'm optimistic. So... Happy new year !!!