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юли 10, 2013

Closure tools development in the cloud

I have been waiting for this for some time now!

Probably this happened some time ago, but I found out just today that it is now possible to use cloud9 ide on a complete shared environment, which means I have a terminal, python and java runtimes and I can finally develop using complete closure tools in the cloud! I just had to copy over my setup from a local folder to the hosted environment and it just worked.

Well not "just", because they run an older version of python (2.6), but it is pretty easy to overcome this.

The finding was part of my ongoing investigation for an article on using Chomebook as a primary laptop for the modern web developer. Of course my work flow is already skewed enough by my decade and a half living with GNU/Linux, but even I find it frustrating to constantly have to "update" and "distro-upgrade". The last piece missing will probably be the hardest to figure out, but I have one last trick up my sleeve.

If it all goes well and sound I would be buying my next laptop from Google. If not, well, I would be still buying a laptop with Chrome OS but it would be the cheapest one (Samsung S3) and will use it only for light reading.

Tip: I know that the Samsung can be used for development as well, because all the compilation and checks are run on the server, however because it has only 2GB of RAM it would be hard to open many "applications" on it and I am not sure how usable it would be for devs.