Общо показвания

май 04, 2012

The promise of Touch

I rarely write about series in this blog, because I find it kind of boring to praise (or not) a production based solely on your own experience with it.

However as my TV time is diminished lately (and is threatening to approach zero) I had to choose wisely what to watch.

When the premiere of Touch aired several months before it was actually scheduled to begin, the first episode was kind of unusual, exciting, intriguing, promising... Who was to guess right then and there that this same story will repeat over and over and over again with each end every episode and nothing else will ever happen, not even a hint for actual line of events moving forward while the season progresses.

There is of course the possibility for speculation. Maybe this phone travelling around the world will have some meaning at the end, but I would not hold my breath (Lost anyone?). What else? Maybe those Japanese    girls will have something to do with the whole thing? Who knows.. (yeah, Lost, Heroes and so on - you expect things to matter, but the scrip writers think otherwise.

The take away: don't expect too much of those 'sci-fi' flicks. Most of them are disappointing anyway.