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май 08, 2011

cloud9 local and alsa equalizer

I am very pleased with recent cloud9 service (very nice thing is integration with github and the fact it is running fast enough with my new browser of choice (Chrome)). However it is kind of impossible for me to host all my projects on github and constantly sync the files to local file system just to test the code on local embedded device (the device mounts the files over NFS, there is no way I would make a change on Cloud9 service, git push to github, git pull to local copy for every simple change in the code I made, it is just too much work). I needed a way to run the editor somewhere on the local network.

For a while now it does not play well with node 0.4. Today I asked Google if there is a way around that. It happened so that there is a very simple way. You can follow the instructions from here (I have tested it and it all worked well).

I have also added some features to the music player in the browser, but I have more ideas (I hope it will not ravels into full fledged enormous memory hog it can easily become if I get carried away).

I had a problem with the music playback though, I dislike basses so I wanted to lower them. Maybe there is a way to do this in JavaScript with the audio API, but it sounds like too much work. Instead I wanted to regulate the playback tone volumes globally, so I used AlsaEqual. The installation is very simple and works well, just follow the instructions. I used the global setting because I hate basses on everything, including movies and I was not sure if Chrome can play back sound on selected card. You can adjust the tones in the console: alsamixer -D equal will do the trick.

Oh and by the way on cloud9 development there is a great feature - JS beautify! It works great, helps with very complex code (like the one I use to write when creating complex html with Element in mootools) and is configurable. Try it out!

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