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януари 14, 2013

Non-sense all around the place...

Following the last post I would like to express what or who was the motivation for it and how badly one can be misled by authority.

At this address you can find a long post trying to argue that the closure compiler in advanced mode is a bad idea. Posts from the same author has been trowing crap at the fan for some time now, but this last post was really the tipping point for me. Basically the behavior exhibited is all over the Internet now since the JavaScript language  became so important and widely spread.

First rule: attack something that does not match your project criteria or something you have never used or something that you even do not understand. The author states that he has never used the compiler in advanced mode and judging by his examples of how bad the advanced mode is has also never tried to understand the concepts in the compiler.

Second rule: make a full of yourself by talking about optimizations you have actually never applied. The author talks about you should manually remove pieces of your code that are not reached in the application - this would be probably the most insane thing to do, but lets assume we want to do it. Lets say we have a calendar widget that can do really anything calendar related. And then we only use it as static calendar in our app. All the methods and properties attached to the constructor are never reached - like 80% of the code is unreachable. Lets say we have a large application that uses at least 20 such widgets. Lets say the code accumulates to 2+MB. Now imagine you want to make this application accessible to people with slow network connection and old software, like people still living with XP of worse (windows 2000 for example). Waaaay to go removing the code that is not reached. Really!

Third rule: attach importance to things that are really not possible with the technology you are attacking but make it sound like it is essential to use/have them. ES6? ES5? Polluting the global scope? Just wrap the compiled code in immediately invoked function and move on! It is as simple as specifying the wrap text at the command line. Object.defineProperty - combined with the wrapper I do not see how one could mess with your code, really, plus the access is controlled by the directives. So basically those are overlapping. Which one is used depends on the developer's preferences. Different syntax? Not really, one can either use externs or stop assigning meaning to the names.

Forth rule: Just go plainly mad and barf all over! "Not compatible with requirejs"??? Really? That is a thing now? So basically we are supposed to believe that AMD is now the only way to scale an application? I have seen only one (ONE) large application that uses AMD - cloud9 IDE. That's it. Everything else I have encountered was a regular size application with some AMD inside, mostly just to be on the cool side. The compiler also has modules by the way. But the author wouldn't care because those are not AMD compatible.

Bonus rule: Talk about security. Just to make sure you will be taken seriously by the masses starving for JavaScript enlightenment, do not omit the opportunity to talk about security - whatever it means in your context.  Basically the thing with deleting your code is really applicable to anything - really! Wrapping it in a closure would solve this one as well, but of course the author is looking for problems, not for solutions. How your code is treated (and removed) by the compiler is well documented and many posts have been written to explain that advanced optimization is not for everyone. But of course if security has been compromised then yes - this compiler mode must be a crap. Evidently this is why google's web products fail pretty much all the time - because of the advanced mode and if they just switch to AMD and simple mode it would be much better. Hopefully someone from Google is reading the author's blog and will take a note and start action on the issue....

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