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октомври 07, 2012

TypeScript and the JavaScript developers

This is going to be a rant of a king and is not related to the 3 part series dedicated to TypeScript.

I happen to like TypeScript a lot. It is typed (I lived with types in JavaScript for a long time, Closure tools anyone?) and I like short, clear syntax and tools that can work with it. Closure tools are awesome, but hard to learn and hard to use, internally Google have attempted to make the syntax more bearable, but then what happens is that their own tools work inconsistently with it (gjslint does not understand scoped code and thus does not provide useful information in that case, the compiler works just fine however).

TypeScript in the other hand is pretty easy to get on for the average JavaScript developer. Unfortunately the average JavaScript developer seem to be in love with patterns that are mostly used in jquery and do not understand basic concepts of the language, and still they are interested in this new language. At least this is my impression from the questions/suggestions asked on the forum on Microsoft's page.

This is in sync with the opinion of some of the 'gurus' of the JavaScript land: too many JavaScript developers, too few good ones.

Not to be too skeptical, but I don't see the regular jquery user benefit from type checking, they are in more for the auto completion. Not that this is bad... just strange, as it works without type checking as well...

As a person coming from Closure tools I am in LOVE with TypeScript. I wonder what do other find in it? While people still argue how useful type checks are in JavaScript, for me it is no longer "IF" I should do type checking, but "HOW" do I do it easier for me.

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