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декември 23, 2011

TUI status update

The Tornado UI project is now more or less in stable phase, there are some small issues here and there, but the transport layer is stable and the HTML UI is complete. Also the closure-library link for the transport layer is ready.

As of today the develop branch from the last 2 months is merged in the master, which means that it is useful as it is, no need for special setup. You can just host it anywhere and point your Tornado device to the start URL (edit the M55/M70 settings and set 'Start URL' and 'Use start URL' to true).

The one piece still missing is the picture browser, we are working to resolve the memory restriction making web-kit to crash after a while with large files. Once this is ready you will have a complete interface, fully customizable via CSS only and very easy to extend with JavaScript.

The code is available on GitHub.

The documentation is progressing well, for now it covers only the transport layer and its abstraction layers, but the plan is for it to include the UI elements as well for easier use of the source as SDK for your own AV application or even your games.

The binding for closure library will be released soon, we are still clearing some compiler warnings in strict mode with type checking. Stay tuned. Using the closure compiler brings some new features, like compilation for a particular device, cutting out large portions of the code base and making the application faster. We are also working on some nifty features like app cache and local storage for even faster loading as well as some advanced visualization features, that will run on the newer devices and will bring the cutting edge presentation layer one expects from a modern web application.

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