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юни 07, 2011

Chromium OS

After the official announcement of ChromeBook on Google IO, I decided it was time to give the chromium OS another try.

This post comes from Chromium OS 0.14.607.2011_06_06_1630.

I have to be honest - it is very buggy, first of all the network is not working as it should be, it connects okay to my router but then the browser says it is not connected, I have to disable the wifi and re-enable it and if it by chance connects to my neighbor's router it works...

The audio is still not working, I cannot watch a thing on youtube, however html video is now supported, which is good. Not that it is of much use without the sound. The sound controlling buttons on my HP mini however display the audio adjustment controls. Lol.

Apart from that they seem to have a very big problem with the system in general! Believe it or not it is working SLOWER than chrome browser on fedora 14 on this very same netbook! This is really very discouraging! I don't know why is that, maybe the OS is tweaked for the Samsung chromebook, but still it is linux bellow the browser... I guess. 

Other than that the brightness control works fine, sleep 

(and at this point I have tried the sleep/resume trick and it failed me... so I am finishing this post from my Fedora running Chrome)

is NOT working at least on the HP Mini.

I still think somehow believe that the idea to NOT have an OS to worry about and constantly upgrade is great, however they do not seem to be there yet.

Chrome OS: -1

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