Общо показвания

ноември 16, 2008


Actually I was about to talk about two films I saw today:

Space chimps poster

Space chimps - pretty stupid one, really no one should ever see this if older than 3.

Boy A poster

Boy A - UK. This should say enough. I mean, the British accent is really really bothering me, most of the time I was completely unable to understand what the f*ck are they talking about. They even say f*ck differently - like fock or something. The R is completely missing (but of cou*se, this is b*itish English). Being said that the film is based on the novel of Jonathan Trigell (also named Boy A) I expected it to be interesting. And it was, it made much more sense than 99 percent of the US productions. But compared to "No night is too long" it was not such a brilliant work. Meaning, without having read the book, I believe the scenario translation of the novel was not that good. Still the movie is a good one (except the already mentioned flaw, namely the British accent).
If you are questioning yourself about the title of this post, it was a reminder of me for the wonderful boobees of a friend of mine, which I haven't seen recently (I know, it is a shame). The girl in the film have had such nice ones. Like this friend of mine... hum.. wondering what is she doing now. Probably sharing them with her husband. Again, such a pity.

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