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юли 19, 2006

Modern sexuality

It's been a while since the last time but hey, I'm back!
What triggered this post is a funny movie I saw today on YouTube. The link is here.

I hope you'll enjoy it.

What's the moral? Don't ever have sex with someone you don't know. Don't ever think that the Internet is the place where you can count on anonymity. The short video might be funny, but look beyond. Just be careful.

One of those day I'll write a little essay. I just have to rethink something. I saw "The Village" today, right before i go to work. It impressed me. I have this question: Is it fair that a very small group of people control what we know and what we should not know? Even if it is for our own good. I think the easiest answer is this : it depends. But everything in this world depends. And still we can say that a murder is bad and love is good. And the question is as old as the world, or maybe a little younger. But in the Bible the question persist. Nevertheless I think the answer is there: the human decided that he should know everything... Why we don't have the will to not obey and to learn everything?

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